gifting, Anbae Sugama ♥

by Ekantikam

always.. Anbae Sugama ♥ always.. 16 November ♥
always.. Nirdosh Heart to Nirdosh Heart

always Nirdosh Choice.. always Nirdosh Flight..
always Nirdosh Notes

always flight ~ because love is a deep choice.
always flight ~ Correa Studio

always never leaving each other’s heart.
always innocently together

always two cups moments; and three cups
always Kannimayil Kanuvatho ~ let’s do it together
always Katrin Mozhi ~ gifting together
always Nirdosh Rajipo. always nirdosh relationship

always Nirdosh Affection.. always Deep Affection
always Profound Love..always Natural love

always Nirdosh and rest all vain

gifting ~ Anbae Sugama ♪.. ♫
every fraction of a second; aur

in our togetherness ~ Katrin Mozhi
~ Pure Gift to Charles Correa
always unstuck Correa Cards ~ 16 November
gifting Vellai Pookal to Charles Correa

always Anbae Sugama care ♥
always Rango Rangoli at Correa Studio
and 1000 reasons innocently:-)
always ‘our’ Nirdosh Studio