Living Nirdosh, Gifting Nirdosh

by Ekantikam

Living Anbae Sugama, Gifting Anbae Sugama

“If a devotee has deep affection for God


treats the worldly panchvishays that are
not related to God as vain


if he is firmly attached to God via the panchvishays,
then wherever such a devotee goes by God’s command,
the form of God also goes with him.

Moreover, just as that devotee cannot remain without God,
in exactly the same way, God also cannot remain without
that devotee.

In fact,

He does not leave the heart of that devotee
even for a fraction of a second.

Therefore, such a devotee does, in fact,
constantly maintain contact with God in the five ways.
How? Because the same panchvishays that no being
can stay without, that devotee has considered to be vain;
instead, he has attached himself to God in the five ways.

Therefore, that devotee maintains
a constant relationship with God.”

~ Lord Swãminãrãyan ।। Vachanãmrut Kãriyãni-11 ।। 236 ।।