it begins thus, i believe ♫

by Ekantikam

in a whisper, i found my own voice ♪

lying down for an hour from 1:29 am, 28 June 2012 and again from 1:29 pm, 28 June 2012,  i literally danced. it was an inner dance for sure and with my own expressions and steps, it instantly blossomed into a new language of a dance form. i was conversing with my pure friends with gestures of this dance.

i danced in this charming, pure and rare moment, because i found my own voice ~ a very pure voice which can forever stay deep down in my heart and my conscience.  and i added it (secretly) in 8th and 12th tag in an image uploaded in my flickr stream on 27 June 2012: it begins with a gift ♪ and then (11:46 pm, 27 June ’12), i mailed a smile to dreams at heart:) the rain falling in this dark night did the singing:-) and i danced for an hour from 1:29 am to 2:29 am!

i am definitely unstuck when it comes to confidence and process ahead for Correa Studio and i feel the flow of innocence with this pure voice within. i feel graced and gifted and it’s definitely worth the wait. Katrin Mozhi