charming, pure and rare ♥

by Ekantikam

Love is pure; is about constancy in innocence. Every other virtue, humbly seeks, such constancy which innocence has ~ all varied expressions rolled into different moments, and yet, each moment magically charming, pure and rare ~ Innocence of Love.

In constancy, innocence of love can only refreshingly hold all the other virtues. Love is sweetly being in Innocent Beloved; Love is being in nirdosh moments together, every moment. And yet a single moment holds every moment.

In fact, true love cannot begin without purity of intent (which begins with transparency). It is how you nourish ‘this infact’ ~ your intent and thus innocence, no matter the trials, hiccups, dreams, lessons, virtues, achievements which makes love charming, pure and rare. It is innocence of promise (Par mein rahungi sada) looking at eyes innocently (Har Lamha, Har Pal) and thus the tender care every moment., 01:29 a.m. 19 June ’12

No matter the shifting heaviness in one’s heart in realm of humane moments, love always stays ‘unconditionally engrossed’ in innocence of love in these moments. (Par mein rahungi sada)

Love is deep choice to be innocently together; and so, faith and conviction forever stays in such moments of love. (Par mein rahungi sada). Love holds innocence and conviction.(Par mein rahungi sada)

Love is always a deep conversation… deep conversation is always innocence; and this innocence keeps wishes.

Heart of all virtues (even if one is seen great by one or many virtues) is purity and innocence. Heart of innocence is love. (virtues may come and go or stay, but innocence of love stays timeless. i.e; untouched (par thaki par) by even the virtues and holds them). Indeed, heart of innocence and all moments is deep affection.

only innocence can gift innocence. nothing else, nothing less. pal pal pal pal… Aaromale Leads. Intention Leads. Pal Pal.

…notes to self, love is charming, pure and rare ∞ ~ ♫

Added note on 11 July 2012, 2:17 p.m: In love, love comes first ~ Anbae Sugama, Paarthale Paravasam ♥ ♪.. ♫