♥ ♪ let the magic come out ♫ ~

by Ekantikam

♥ ♪ let the magic come out innocently:-) 

     ♫ ~   .. joy of love is in deep love and that sweet joy of love is of innocence >> you look at eye of your beloved innocently..forever; infact you feel ektaar immersed in pure love and you do everything innocently. you only do that which pleases your beloved and innocently together you follow wishes innocently. isn’t it a pure joy:-)

my nirdosh flight of purpose is of ‘2+2=4 genuine love’ and genuine love flows  ‘sweetly unstuck’ like a river meets the sea.. so joyously in oneness. dilne kaha chupkese..yeh kya hua chupkese.. pyaar hua chupkese ♫

with nirdosh love and nirdosh beloved, eternity is infact now and every first new moment also is in now. and only an innocent  heart can understand this. an innocent heart is when heart has deep affection innocently. infact such deep love is always pure ♥ ♪