she illuminαtes her perspective..

by Ekantikam

she illuminαtes her perspective.., a photo by Tav Ruday ♥ on Flickr.

when she fails to find her words, she illuminates her perspective in the light of love and she makes a connection. she collected the glow of many warm thoughts and musically weaved them in her intimacy. and in this way she learns lessons forever and sparkles the joy and wisdom around. she internalises the words of golden language with spirit of innocence of learning. she is always brilliant to build and shape her life more and more meaningful with this approach. and she does this joyously and graciously. she is happy as she feels the pain but she is happier as she illuminates the pain in her graced bliss. she is focused and she illuminates her choice more and more better now.

she never resorted to miracles but to grace and gifts she got. she knows, life is a gift from her beloved and so she treasures each moment – the pain also is gift as well as joy is also gift. she is not moved by pain or joy but by the graced learnings provided by them. in fact she is only devoted for all the moments in the joy of pure love and this becomes her gift to beloved.

her rebirth was in love and she became forever one with love. she sings, “now i see you; honestly.. and see you only with love all along.”

she loves intensely, she is intensely loved. she illuminates in light of intimate perspectives. listen to what she says with her eyes. ‘you and me’ is what she only says as essence…. being in each other all along..