see it as easy… .. in the right light

by Ekantikam

see it as easy… .. in the right lightSee it as easy… .. in the right light

To gain
clarity in life, one has to have purity in heart.

The next
best thing to see clearly is to have faith and then we can see thing as ‘easy’
and focus on the core need, focus on the eternal longings which  can never be polluted.

matters is, that one has reached the shore. It is not about the battles of past.
Infinite births.. I took. And each day is new birth and yet I forget that..

But today begins my preparation, my rebirth.. it is…
is the day for me to take divine birth. And so are the 4 months now in the
womb of these words. Just few little words and it will not be clarity. But the
objective is to be clear now and truly surrender and then with that absolute
faith intact, reach for purity in association with one who is eternally pure.

The pupil
of the eye adjusts continuosly and when the room is dark and one sits in a
focused light in small area, then eye wanders and there is strain. When one sits
in total dark or total light still it is not pleasant.

All life is the play of light and shadows and  the strain.

But I choose the forever pleasant light such that whatever be the
transition.. it is peaceful. Whatever be the task, there is joy. I have resolved now..

To begin…

Take it
easy. See it as ease. Weakness is strength. Strength with respect to core purpose.

Know the  nature of things. Know the wiring. Know the autopilot. Know the value.

Know the  Asmita. And. Live the ‘Rajipo’. Live this only truth – 2+2=4 = ‘Tav Rajipo’

Know it all
for self.

We ‘be’. If
not, then there is no orientation from which we can engage to world in fuller
way.  This is chance for me to be truly
as otherwise I may be architect, designer, photographer, brother,  friend etc. but not ‘be’ myself. And to be
genuinely self and seek the eternal love is worth it. Worth now as I have got
God in manifest human form. Breathing pure grace..

now want to hold this grace for eternity and love deeply..

I wan’t to
play the same battle again but I will play it with ease. I know there is need
for nipunta but I realised its ‘nipunta’ by state of mind and by attitude. Then
wherever I enter, it will be with depth, proper understanding and appropriate
execution and with release by ‘faith eye’ to one who has ‘pure eye’.

Inner graced play.. 95/5 ..Ekdo

I will
never judge or compare and at same time apply best what is best and unique for
me. But when it is to say to others or apply for others then I will be part
‘of’. I will be honest as well as I will always seek other’s opinions and work

But my own
lane is fixed. It is ‘ej’. It is intense love for Satpurush. It is ‘Na’ man.

writings will be deeply private but there will be some palatable words here and
that will give me more clarity and so I deliberately choose to be little public
here with my first post here today.


In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be
bridged. ~ Hans Nouwens

.. all conversations matters.. there
will be no distance.. each hour conversing with Beloved.

Whetever be status till now, its 24
hours learning studio with Swami..Future is now.. this is the best time i have
ever got… and will use every moment the best for is forever:-)

nothing less… irrespective of..

twice flight… .. i will make this unique

…1:11 a.m. * 18 July 2011 ..notes to self °