my confessions ю mirrored in portraits

by Ekantikam

but it is not about behind her eyes.. it is about behind my eyes.. confessions ю mirrored in portraits

i eloped few photographs of her and uploaded few pictures in flickr of this girl along with ritualistic notes to self …and as ~ankur said in comment there, “she is protagonist of many of my pictures/quotes and so there can be a seperate series on her.”

but before that beginning of a series on this charming caractère, i found that there is yet another possible upcoming series too of yet an another charming caractère; and in this, the most fascinating thing is their friendly™ of the reciprocity of being spontaneusly ready to be clicked and enter a flowing conversation with photographer:-)

when i look at this girl, innocence radiates from her face and eyes and i reflected that she may have her ego too? and my mullings found that the nature of ego is transient here.. it is like forgive and forget and thus it is an innocence which is the core take for me when clicking her pictures. my ‘orientation’ which is also reflection of reality is that i see her as a ‘child’. she is innocent and there is no doubt in that, but apart from her innocence, even i see her as ‘innocent child’ with my orientation of innocent eye in reciprocity to her.

.. … …. … … … …. …. …

but now this is another caractère: mridula anand and what is my orientation? my eye? my reciprocity in action with her? when i clicked her apart from photographic spontaneity?

first is the thankfulness i have for her to gift me chance to make her photograph. but i also found that in autopilot mode i know that she is a young girl. i cannot ever say that she is a child. she may be child in heart, but my first eye and orientation tells me that she is model, a friend and a girl for me now at the point of shoot. “there is a genuine respect” but my approach as well as orientation can never be exactly same as i had when clicking the child girl in first picture.

but after doing the above shot of mridula anand and also very few more of her quick shots, i found an innocence in her too. but that innocence is her and not mine – said the teasing mirror on her eyes to me. it is not that she is innocent because i may be seeing with an innocent orientation or with an innocent natural eye. it is her innocence. for me, there is also a reality in parallel to her innocence, which i cannot ignore. this is because i know that she is a girl and there is thus always an alertful thin line and a distance of appreciation which i will always keep respectfully. i admit it was arduous to shoot her even for a little time.

but in all of this, with this self-orientation defined … now my anchorage and my flight is this:

i don’t know that i caught something called a chance at right time or these chances caught me to photograph them but these girls help me gain wisdom to visualise emotions truly. so with thankfulness i take this flight:

my first flight here is to respect her and respect her innocence within which is so well reflected in eyes here.

and my second flight here and always is to the “core purpose” – flight to core destination – to be pure… to be innocent. and when i reach my destination and have spotless/anisuddha innocent heart, then i will breath innocence and my eye will ‘only’ see innocence and wisdom; there will be no need to have different orientations too – like the orientations i noted here while shooting innocence in two different fabulous caractère.

i don’t desire to fabricate reality nor my internal preferences to take a positive or negative lead nor i want the innocence to be a sophistication * in my feelings and usage.

and so i will always take my first humble flight with ‘innocence of learning’ and thus an ‘unsophisticated respect’ in whatever field/task i enter in but my second flight is always the next flight to higher level from previous higher level reached.. and this flight is more and more approaching towards innocence in love and purity of heart.. and it always will be my parallel flight as well as my  core flight…. my ascend

twice flight… .. i will make this uлique