Intention Leads

our conversations..


Mannipaaya | Tenderness ~ Aaromale | Aaromale


dil ne kaha chupke se ♥

this listening.. this constant innocence
Pyar Hua Chupke Se ~ our 16 November

Always 16 November Flight Sings :-)

Rango Rangoli ♥ aaaa aaaaaaaaaa….aaaaa …..aaaa ……aaaaaa ♥ ♫  :-) :-) :-)Always 16 November sings Rango Rangoli aaaaaa aaaa

Natural Heart Fulfilled

Sometimes, unexpected, light arrives, a certain quality of light
that you’d hoped for, or waited for.
It coincides with an interval of time in which you can receive.

Charles Correa as I see.

Volume Zero Heart ~ Two Cups Studio ne Charles Correa‘Volume Zero’ heart ` Two Cups Studio

Deep Affection

Pal Pal Deep Affection

Living Volume Zero, Gifting Volume Zero

Pyar Hua Chupkese. Nothing Lacks in Love

magic box photography

’ that pure – magical touch which gifts…